Fix a Leak Today – Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair Is a Must for Home and Commercial Use. How to identify a Roof Leak. If your roof has been leaking, chances are that you have either seen water stains on the ceilings or running along your walls. Before you get too worried or panic, understand that fixing a small roof leak is actually very easy and you can even do it yourself without having any prior experience.

The first thing you will need to do is to locate the exact location of where the leak is occurring. You can usually find leaks by looking inside your home or office building at around 30 feet from the ceiling where you would expect the roof to be. If you have a new roof or even an old one, make sure to search for it before removing it. Even if the leak is underneath your new roof, you will still have to repair the damaged portion and if the damage is extensive then you will need a new roof.

After locating the source of the leak, remove the insulation covering the chimney from around your house, making sure to remove all insulation and flammables which may be located within the flue or chimney. Locate the hole in the roof where the leak is originating from. You can do this with a flashlight or with the help of a contractor, depending on whether you want to use a ladder or simply a pair of towels to keep you from falling down. Once you have located the leak location, address the issue of the leak by opening up the crevices to insert the replacement or repaired roofing shingles.

Once the holes and crevices are addressed, apply the new roof shingles in place. Make sure that they are placed securely with caulking between them. Then use a combination of roofing cement and roofing paper to fill in any small holes that remain in the damaged areas. Continue to repair and caulk the small holes until they are completely filled. Once the caulking is dry, apply some roof caulk to further seal the repairs and to protect the materials from weathering.

While you are working on repairing the leak, consider removing shingles from under your home. Removing shingles gives you more flexibility to fix the problem. One method for removing shingles is to dig a hole where the water is coming from and then insert a section of roof shingle where the leak is. This technique works great in sunny spots because there is little risk of sunspots while removing shingles. Another method is to remove just enough roof shingles to allow for a repair. Once the repair is complete, re-apply roof shingles in the exact same spot to seal the repair and prevent further weathering.

In addition to caulking and repairing the roof, you will also need to repair and replace any damaged flashing around roof vents and other vulnerable areas. One of the easiest ways to damage roofing is through severe weathering. The rapid heating and cooling cause many homes to deteriorate at a fast rate, leaving their roofs without any kind of protection against rain or snow. To ensure your home has protection against rain and winter snow, consider installing metal flashing along all of your roof’s sides, using nails or screws to screw the flashing onto your damaged roofing.